Rims: choose the right

Автомобильные диски: выбираем правильно

Buying rims, look at their type, mounting diameter, width, holes for fasteners, the center hole. Other important parameters – the flight of the disc, the seasonality. But about all under the order.

Autodeski: important points

Keep in mind, there are recommendations from the manufacturer on the choice of disks for each model. In order not to jeopardize the safety of the driver and passengers, and should be listened to.

Type autodeskew


  • Stamped. Welded together from multiple stamped steel components and covered with enamel. Often they have decorative caps. Such disks are among the most popular. They are cheap and repairable – if it enters the pit they take the hit, protecting the tire. After deformation it can be fixed. Stamped discs put on most of the budget models or more expensive, but in the base set. Their only disadvantage is the relatively great weight.
  • Cast. Often they are made of aluminum or aluminum alloys, making them lighter stamped by 15-20%. This affects the ride and improving the quality of balancing of wheels though to see such nuances can only professionals. Alloy wheels – from the middle price range. Due to the special production technology, they may be of any design. Of the minuses – low maintainability-from the strong blows they crack and crease, and then cannot be recovered.
  • Forged. The strongest and lightest. Of the minuses – the high price, limited choice of designs.

There are chrome wheels. They look impressive, but need special care – it is important to regularly and carefully to wash small water pressure to avoid damaging the coating. After washing you should dry it thoroughly.

Mounting diameter

This is the diameter of circumference of the test piece in inches. In the description it can be found next to the letter ” R ” (R17). Possible diameters for different car models indicate manufacturers. You should not ignore them: too big wheels accelerate wear on undercarriage, worsen the ride on bad roads.

Mounting holes

Referred to as PCD. To take the model where the holes do not correspond, should not be as part of the fastener will be displaced relative to the center, causing the wheel runout. This affects the technical characteristics and safety. It is also important to consider the shape of the mounting holes.

The width of the disk

Is calculated in inches and in the characteristics is denoted as J (5,5 J). The parameter specifies the manufacturer of the car near the mounting diameter. Depending on the width of autodeska pick up and bus, although there is the possible minimum the margin of error.

The departure of Autodesk

Geometric parameter. Calculated in mm and is denoted as ET (Einpress Tief, for example, ET43). Is positive, zero and negative. You need to choose the tolerance limits for each model of car. To ignore the advice, preferring the unusual geometry or design, it is not necessary, it may deteriorate the handling. In addition, because of the wrong choice:

  • shifting the steering axis;
  • bearings wear out faster, tires;
  • reduced life of the suspension.

Diameter of Central hole

Referred to as Dia/D, is chosen strictly in accordance with the advice of the manufacturer of the car. If they do not consider and put the disk with a large Central hole, appears run-out and vibration on the go.

Options for summer or winter

Special motor drives for different times of the year there, however, to extend the life of rubber, it is better to change the shoes, removing the wheel completely.

The snow and frost it is advisable to choose Autodesk:

  • With a simple design without shaped elements – they will be easier to clean. Especially because due to frozen snow porridge can disrupt the wheel balance, the vibration.
  • Without polishing. Winter models with it are oxidized faster because of the high risk of scratching.

Finally, the minimum allowable size. They are more narrow, so ride on them on a winter road more comfortable.