RimWorld could be like a mixture of Football Manager and Hitman

RimWorld могла быть похожа на смесь Football Manager и Hitman

RimWorld was the most highly anticipated game in Steam for 2018. Creation Ludeon Studios is a sci-Fi colony simulator. However, the game could be different from what we have known it during the development of the idea of entertainment has changed several times.

Author RimWorld Tainan Sylvester (Tynan Sylvestеr) recently shared with The Indie Game Website history simulator. Development began after his departure from Irrational Games, where he for four years worked on BioShock Infinite. Before joining this company he was engaged in the creation of mods and personal projects. At one point, the developer has found that it is better copes with a single development than with a team struggling in a big office.

The founder of Ludeon Studios did not immediately realize what to look for in his new game. So he decided to experiment – to make a few prototypes to test what the mechanic will be the most successful.

One of the first prototypes was the role of “bagel”, which, according to the developer, were a bit like Project Zomboid. But after a month of testing the game seem to have stopped Sylvester merry, and he decided to quit further development in this direction.

The next concept resembled the ancient top-down shooter Smash TV – only with the wizards, battling in the arena for money. The game was also attended by elements of tower defense games, and music synced with the gameplay. In the end, the developer spat on this venture, confessing that he “tried to do too much.”

Another prototype was a simulation of mercenaries, like a mixture of Football Manager and Hitman. Sylvester rejected this basis because it “wasn’t working fast enough”. The developer has described the gameplay of this prototype: “so, if you’ve played Hitman, imagine that you run a organization that sends the 47th to kill people; instead of playing with the assassin, you play for the people who run killer”.

The last step in the creation of the current concept RimWorld became a simulation of a starship. After some problems with logistics gateways, the developer has decided to do roughly the same thing, only not in space and on the surface of the Earth. Sylvester realized that this mechanic will be the final, by the reaction of his friends – they are so busy testing that I didn’t want to leave the house developer.

RimWorld могла быть похожа на смесь Football Manager и Hitman