“Ring of fire”: a unique solar Eclipse on photo and video

"Огненное кольцо": уникальное солнечное затмение на фото и видео

"Огненное кольцо": уникальное солнечное затмение на фото и видео

The inhabitants of the Earth June 21 were able to observe the annular solar Eclipse. The phenomenon when the Moon obscures the Sun, called the “fire ring”.

Best unique phenomenon seen in Northern India

This solar Eclipse can be observed when the Moon is farther from Earth. The satellite is not fully blocking the Sun and seems into a ring of flame. It is reported Space.com.

In the full beauty of the natural phenomenon could be seen in Central Africa and Asia. As well the “ring of fire” seen in the North of India.

A partial Eclipse could be seen in many countries from South-East Europe to Northern Australia. Ukraine – at 9:45 am. Of course, the phenomenon that you can enjoy if the weather allowed.

Watch the video of the solar Eclipse from many locations:

Please note! The following “season of eclipses” will be in November and December. The lunar Eclipse will be visible on November 30, and full sun – Dec 14. However, unfortunately, will only see in Chile and Argentina.

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