Ring with sapphires – precious jewels of kings

Кольца с сапфирами – любимые драгоценности королей

Sapphire is a favorite stone of royalty. The most famous piece of jewelry with him was the Princess Diana engagement ring, where an oval blue sapphire was surrounded by 14 small diamonds. His lady Di was chosen from more than a dozen other jewels, presented by the jewelry house Garrard.

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What you need to know about the unusual stone

The name gem is derived from the ancient Greek sappheiros – “precious blue stone” (according to another version – from the ancient Indian canipriya: “beloved of Saturn”). Sapphire – a precious stone that is a variety of corundum (the mineral). Its deep blue color he got due to the combination of titanium and iron at the molecular level. There are unusual instances – orange, green, pink, yellow – they have the same base, but different impurities. Models with these stones also have in stock Malva.

Special attention deserves the star sapphire is a rare gem whose beauty is due to the unusual optical effect. Looking at it, it looks like a star, the rays which diverge in different directions. In color the stone is blue, purple, black, green. Spectacular appearance it provides titanium oxides.

Top 5 reasons to choose a piece of jewelry with a sapphire

Rich Royal blue color is not the only thing you pay attention to the jewelers when they talk about jewelry. It is distinguished by:

  • The exceptional hardness. On the Mohs scale, sapphire is 9 points, while the diamond – 10 (corundum slightly inferior to him). Thanks to this feature the stones, the workpieces can be shaped in any form. Moreover, they are durable – the product can be worn and never taken off, and then pass on to future generations. Over the years the use of their original appearance will not change.
  • Symbols. It is believed that the gem is the epitome of eternity, loyalty and love. That is why it is often inserted in engagement or engagement rings. Also a gem called the stone of wisdom, that is why jewelry with him revere the rich and powerful people.
  • Versatility. These rings can be worn with formal and with casual attire, while emphasizing its own elegance and style.

Finally, history. Since gem always valued the royals around him many legends. Thus, according to one version, the tablets of the ten commandments was also made of sapphire.

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Кольца с сапфирами – любимые драгоценности королей