Rio Tinto has reduced the production forecast ore

Rio Tinto сократила прогноз добычи руды

Australian metals and mining Corporation Rio Tinto Ltd reduced forecast production of iron ore in 2019 in connection with a tropical cyclone that stopped in March of its export port in Western Australia.

This is stated in the message Rio Tinto, which ranked second in the world in production of iron ore. Forecast reduced from 338-350 333-343 mln tonnes to mln tonnes

Per 1 sq Rio Tinto has reduced the supply of ore is 16.2% compared to the same period in 2018, to 69.1 million tons from-for a cyclone the Veronica that destroyed the terminal at Port Hedland in Western Australia.

Earlier, Rio Tinto noted a loss of about 14 million tonnes of production in 2019 because of a fire at its terminal in Port Hedland, which occurred in January.