Riots in USA: Russian trolls are working from Africa

Беспорядки в США: российские тролли работают из Африки

Russian trolls to intervene in the situation with mass riots in the U.S. caused by the death of the African-American George Floyd. This time they worked with Russia, and has set up his headquarters in Africa.

This was stated by the journalists of the American channel CNN.

They conducted an investigation, which found that the protests in the United States supports a certain group of influence from Ghana (Africa). This group is monitored and supported from Moscow (Russia).

Russian trolls has intensified its work on the eve of the American presidential election. Thus, recorded activity from the Russian trolls, whose offices are placed in Ghana and Nigeria.

Institute of global threats and the study of democracy, the United States (IGTDS) published material about this.

CNN journalists found that the “Elimination of barriers for African liberation” (Eliminating Barriers for the Liberation of Africa, EBLA) was a cover for the operation of the impact from the territory of Ghana. The purpose of the group was the coverage of radical events in the U.S., as well as promoting the idea of strengthening the African-American movement and intolerance to the white population.

Their goal was fomenting unrest and division of the American society in this way.

In Ghana, this information is posted by 13.2 thousands of accounts in Facebook. Instagram was created in the page with the same posts. She signed up 263 thousand people. 65% of subscribers are US residents

For example, among Russian trolls found account supposedly a cousin of the murdered George Floyd.

Her posts are shared in the group “Africans in the United States.” In this case, the admins of the group said they did not know what had circulated a Troll post and did not know that could do such a thing.

Analyzing the activity of trolls, the researchers noted that their most likely covers a certain military unit 74455, which in December last year, wrote in the Institute.

The analysis also showed that the activity supports the leader of the trolls “Antiglobalistic movement of Russia” Alexander Ionov. On his page were not enough posts, not only about the riots in the United States, but also about similar protests in countries on the African continent.

Ions, in particular, are actively doing the census from the “African people’s socialist party USA” (African People’s Socialist Party USA).

The key idea of most of the post – violence by police against the black population. Thus, in the texts it is mentioned that this attitude towards blacks in the USA associated with the violation of the rights and freedoms of man in Africa. Thus, the authors of the posts have tried to show that in the United States massively violate the rights of the African population.

In a pandemic coronavirus, these posts have started to add information about the alleged violation of the rights of blacks in the light of medical assistance, claiming that those do not come doctors, they are denied treatment and so on.

Another idea from the Russian trolls: those who ridicule black people, must pay repatriation. Such appeals resonated with a poor population. Those actively wrote that it is necessary to “take from the rich and give to the poor”. Also, these calls only contributed to the radicalization of protests and vandalism. As you know, during the protests the participants are not so much opposed to the behavior of the police, how much looting. They robbed the pharmacy, expensive shops, restaurants, supermarkets and so on.

The study also noted that another goal of these posts is to Express my opposition to the US presence in Africa. This is due to deliver in which an equal sign is placed between racism and colonialism. The authors of such posts, obviously meant that the fight against racism is expressed in reduction of influence and the US presence in Africa.

May 28 in the US, mass protests broke out against racism and police aggression associated with the murder of black George Floyd white police officers. Protests continue to this day.

As of 4 June during the protests in the US have been detained more than 10 thousand people.

Беспорядки в США: российские тролли работают из Африки