Ripped hat, kicked: in Kharkiv, a crowd of kids beat a man

Сорвали шапку, пинали ногами: в Харькове толпа детей избила мужчину

In Kharkiv a group of children from five people beat up the drunken man in front of witnesses.

As stated in the story TSN, the youngest of the company is 9 years old, the oldest is 11.

Eyewitnesses filmed the incident on video, which immediately gained tens of thousands of views online (to watch a video pascalle down the page).

As journalists found out, the other kids are afraid of the campaign. “They swear, smoke. Here they climb on the roofs,” – told friends of the boys.

According to witnesses, that day the guys came to the garages, where there were often, and there he found two drunk men. Author resonant video Alex claims that children were protected from them.

“Two men up to 30 years, drunk to death. Trailer style lighting. They didn’t beat him, they just potolkalis and everything,” he insists, although he recognizes that the video was not the whole conflict and children at some point had to stop.

“They really took the hat and started to play hare. I was given a hat and told those two to go away,” said Alexei.

Besides, the conflict is not interfered with more than one of the adults, although there were a lot of them – including the men who just watched the fight.