Rise of the machines: when the robots can move to mass murder – 24 Channel

Повстання машин: коли роботи можуть перейти до масового вбивства людей - 24 Канал

If your code is working error happens, it can lead to what he gets out of control and harm a person. It is about fighting robots.

This was stated by Professor of computer engineering Subhash both from the University of Oklahoma, reports DailyMail.

According to him, if fighting robots are poorly coded, they can find the flaw in their own software and use it for independent decision-making. As a result, it will lead first to a unit, and then to mass murder people.

“Because of an error in the code the robot can have thoughts similar to those that occur in people with the beliefs of the radical wing,” suggests the Professor.

Also risk Professor sees in a unfinished and untested software. He believes that the defects can cause a number of internal failures through which the machine can “scaitica” and begin to act, guided only by fragments of code.

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