Rivian lured professionals to create a Tesla charger network

Rivian переманил специалистов Tesla для создания зарядной сети

Charging the manufacturer of pickups and SUVs will be located away from major highways

American startup Rivian started to create its own charger network, to be named Rivian Adventure Network. For this, the company began to recruit from Tesla. Writes Electrek.co, since March, Rivian went former chief specialist on charging networks, Tesla Carrington Bradley.

Model Rivian can be recharged at a public charging with cables standard CCS. Besides, the company is unlikely in the foreseeable future to get closer to Tesla in the number of superchargers. However, the idea Rivian is different.

The fact that pickup truck SUV R1T and R1S in fact will be the first production electric vehicles in the world are able to move on very bad roads and off-road. In other words, they were originally designed for use in places with poor infrastructure.

In such areas, which is logical, there is a shortage of charging stations, most of which are located in cities and along major highways. That is where you will create branded charging Rivian with the power terminals 200 kilowatts.

It is first and foremost about national parks where you will be able to travel, the owners of eco-friendly SUVs. For example, one of the first charges will appear in the town of Moab in Utah, which is the center of a region famous for beautiful mountains of reddish Sandstone.

First, the production of pickups?R1T was supposed to start at the end of 2020. For this, the company has converted a former Mitsubishi plant in Illinois. However, due to the coronavirus, work was suspended for approximately two months. Now they are gradually resumed.