Rivian will release a new line of electrophysiol next summer

Rivian выпустит новую линейку электропикапов следующим летом

Rivian company, globally known for their extremely high quality models of specialized vehicles and transport equipment used in construction and specialised applications, today introduced new information on when we can expect release of new electric versions of pickups and trucks. In particular, it became known today that Rivian intends to accelerate the preliminary stage of preparation of their cars, and therefore future models of pickup trucks and special vehicles will be available to order during the month of August following the year 2021, if all goes according to the plans of the company.

It is worth noting the important fact that earlier Rivian faced quite big problems associated with the supply of components and raw materials for production, and we are talking about decolonialism period. But now the leadership of the company noted that already agreed not only on the supply of the main, but also secondary components, which can be really difficult to manufacture.

Thus, at the moment Rivian is actively working towards improving the structural base and the basic functionality of the engines of its future electric version of the machine – in particular, the company representatives said that they are planning to create electrovalent pickup R1T, which once won widespread popularity as one of the most reliable transport solutions for special needs. This model will be the first among the available electrovalent next summer, actually starting a new range of electric vehicles Rivian.

So far we know very little about the real technical characteristics of these cars, with the exception of the fact that a new type of elektrobatarei from the company allows the prototypes to pass about 400 miles on a single charge, which is pretty impressive, given the relatively large dimensions of the new electric vehicle from the company. On the other hand, there are still many unresolved questions about other features of this vehicle.

Rivian выпустит новую линейку электропикапов следующим летом


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