Robbed in Berlin Stasi Museum: stolen jewels and the order of Lenin

В Берлине ограблен музей Штази: украли драгоценности и орден Ленина

From the Stasi Museum (the analog of the Soviet KGB in the GDR) unknown stole several medals and jewelry. The incident occurred in the night of Saturday, November 30. This is the second in ten days, a major theft in Germany.

According to BBC News, the value of stolen is estimated at several thousand euros. Among the stolen pair of earrings, a pearl necklace, a gold chronometer and a gold wristwatch.

Also among the stolen order of Karl Marx, considered the highest award in the GDR, the order of Lenin, medal “hero of the Soviet Union”, the order “For merits before Fatherland”.

The attackers broke into the Museum through a window in the basement of the building. The process of the robbery took about fifteen minutes.

Currently, the criminals are wanted, they are on the run. Museum Director Joerg Drillman said that the damage from the destruction inflicted on cultural institutions, the attackers exceeds the amount of the stolen property.