Robbery in broad daylight: under the intercession burned the car and robbed a sales representative

Грабеж средь бела дня: под Покровском сожгли машину и ограбили торгового представителя

Yesterday, January 31, in the village of Ukrainka Zabnenkova of the village Pokrovsky of the area burned car “VAZ-2101”. Approximately 18.20, learning about the fire phone from a local resident, a Ukrainian left Zabnenkova Chairman of the village Council Alexander Sadas. Along the way, he called rescuers, the police and called the local military unit, was sent to the technician to put the fire out.

“Short of 150 meters to the fire, I noticed a girl who was crawling on his knees in the snow. She was soaking wet and cold, so I put her in his car” – said Alexander Sadas journalists “Orbit”.

According to the Chairman of the village Council, the girl told him that works trading agent. Last night she went from Volnovakha in Pokrovsk, were lucky to pass the proceeds – about 108-106 thousand hryvnias.

“The girl explained, near the fire it “clipped” the car – UAZ or something similar, – Alexander continues Sedas. – People came out in the form. In the police or military – she does not know, does not understand. They are, without introducing themselves, began checking the vehicle, discovered alcohol and was asked to provide supporting documents to confirm that she indeed sells them. Next to documents in the armrest lay money. According to the girl, when the people in the form is noticed, took her money, tablet and phone. One sat in the car with her and said that I need to go to the Pokrovsk – for registration of the administrative Protocol regarding alcohol. On the highway drove to Ukrainka, where she was ordered to turn right on a dirt road. In the village her car was stuck. The girl said the man hit her head on the side window, she lost consciousness. When I came to, I saw that car on fire from the passenger seat. The girl got out. That’s all she explained. The ambulance came and said that she had a mild frostbite of the extremities”.

As reported in the intercession of the police Department, the message on ignition of a car in Ukrainka arrived yesterday at about 21.30 from employees of the state service for emergency situations. The car was in the possession of a young woman born in 1990.

“On this fact St. Basil’s police Department opened criminal proceedings as regards 2 articles 194 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (intentional destruction or damage of property). Pre-judicial investigation. Militiamen establish circumstances of incident”, – have informed in a press-service of intercession OP.

According to unofficial information, there is a version of staging.

Грабеж средь бела дня: под Покровском сожгли машину и ограбили торгового представителя

Грабеж средь бела дня: под Покровском сожгли машину и ограбили торгового представителя