Robodog Spot available in retail selling — price while bites

Робопес Spot поступил в свободную продажу — цена пока кусается

Робопес Spot поступил в свободную продажу — цена пока кусается

After completing the test cycle signature robot Spot, Boston Dynamics has announced the launch of retail sales of unusual models. Four-legged robodog able to overcome the obstacles on the ground, to bring the police service or just to play football — it depends on the preferences of the owner.

But to have a mechanical pet will have to part with a considerable sum, which you can buy a new electric car or an apartment, according to cnet.

Who may be interested in a Spot

The developers have positioned Spot as a tool to study potentially hazardous for the person or for transportation of goods. Controlling the robot is using a special controller that allows you to control the device manually or set a route using a navigation system Autowalk.

The manufacturer notes that Spot is not certified as an appliance. The use of a four-legged robot at a distance of less than two meters from the man is unacceptable, and the operator, the control device must ensure that others are trained to behave safely near the Spot.

Video of robot Spot:

Price robot Spot

Boston Dynamics has already launched mass production of robots and announced the beginning of its sale. Now buy the robot only in the U.S. and no more than two devices in one hand. Retail cost of new items is $ 500 74 (1 995 073 hryvnia).

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