Roborovski can radically change the history of land transport

The head of a startup Einride says that now people have the opportunity to rewrite the history of land transportation. The industry fundamentally has not changed for over 100 years and annually burns for 5 billion barrels of oil.

However, as in the implementation of passenger robomobile occur more complexity, the focus shifts to truck transport. In this region regularly reports about the success of a number of startups and large companies: Starsky Robotics, Thor Trucks, Ike,, Aurora, TuSimple, as well as Daimler and Volvo.

The revolution in the industry

Einride is a Swedish startup with a modest, within the industry, financing is already trying their roborovskii on the roads. But its Creator sure is enough space for everyone. Robert Falk is ready to explain to everyone why roborovskii – largest business opportunity in human history.

Today’s decision is not particularly smart and environmentally friendly, they are based on technologies invented more than a century ago. The industry is not digitized for a new era,
says Falk.

The main advantage of freight transport is their predictability. About 80% of all trips are repeated, they use the same vehicle and duplicate routes.

This reduces the technical barriers to implementation of roboration, because they have much less information about dorokha and conditions than in the case of Autonomous passenger vehicles.

What is known about Einride?Swedish startup which was founded in 2016. In October, he received another funding of $ 25 million and has expanded the test program. Solution that offers a startup is electric Autonomous loading platform on the chassis which can accommodate various body styles. A year ago the company received its first commercial order and began to carry pallets of cargo between warehouses of logistics giants Shenker.

We appeal to the market that annually burns more than 5 billion barrels of oil to transport goods… In fact we now have the opportunity, and I think this is the greatest opportunity in the history of mankind: to rethink how we deliver goods and create the best solution for the future
– says the founder of a startup.

According to the latest estimates of the transport services market within the next 10 years will exceed $ 2 trillion. Falk notes that the gradual and massive introduction of robolution can reduce transportation costs by more than 50%

By the way, recently romagrotec California startup independently crossed the territory of the United States – from the Pacific to the Atlantic. He moved from California to Tulare Quarton in Pennsylvania and transported 18 tons of butter.

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