Robot for folding t-shirts proved to be better person

Робот для складывания футболок оказался эффективнее человека

Summer is in full swing. Instead of warm jackets to jackets you can wear light shirts and t-shirts. However, for the neat appearance they need to be ironed and carefully folded, so they were not rumpled. To simplify your life, a blogger named Ted Polowski decided to shift this routine task on the machine.

What to do with a huge number of shirts and t-shirts after washing? They can just throw in the closet. Some of them will survive it, because synthetics are not crumpled, but made of natural materials, the clothing will have to be ironed. In the end, it takes a lot of time and effort. Tai Palowski decided that he needed to build a robot that can independently fold.

The process of making, the necessary materials and calculations on the video. If you want you can make an exact copy. After the unit was fully assembled, Palowski decided to hold a little competition. First, he took a few t-shirts and shirts and put them on their own. It took him 3 minutes, 38 seconds. The robot on this task was completed much faster – in just 2 minutes 15 seconds.

“I made a machine that folds my t-shirts and shirts with a touch of a button. Hope you like it! The device is made of several pieces of foam Board, cut into four pieces and hinged with packing tape. Time bend can be adjusted within the code” – shares his success Ty Pawlowski.