Robot origami will help scientists to catch marine life

Oceanographers have created a unique robotic device designed on the principle of origami and knows how to capture delicate objects without damaging them.

Робот-оригами поможет ученым ловить морских обитателей

Still not managed to invent a manipulator who could swoop in and not leave it on damages. Moreover, it is difficult to do if production is alive twitching creature. Researchers studying the depths of the oceans, has invented a machine with a claw-arm, which will help scientists to catch even the most fragile sea creatures without causing them harm. The idea for the development of a mechanism borrowed from the Japanese.

A new underwater robot has a minimum number of moving parts: five drop-down extremities of the claws, which has multiple connections, managed by a single engine.

Robot origami has been tested first in the aquarium, and then in the ocean at depths greater than 500 meters. He managed to catch a few different jellyfish, which are then released. The principle of robot control is no different from a regular drone. The operator with the joystick and instrument panel, drove it through a video capture to monitor capture marine life and so they are not damaged in the process of capture.

Scientists are not going to stop there: soon the robot, attach sensors to using a mini-laboratory to examine living organisms under water. The next step for the origami robot will work in space. It can be useful for maintenance of the external panels of the satellites.

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