Robot taught to untangle the cables, and braids [VIDEO]

Робота научили распутывать кабели и шнурки [ВИДЕО]

People are daily performing thousands of simple actions, from tying your shoes to untangling headphone wires. It seemed that in such manipulation is no big deal, but for robots it is a real challenge. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) decided to challenge the existing restrictions, set a goal to teach a robotic arm to tie knots and even stitching.

New technology was created by the Laboratory for computer science and artificial intelligence MIT. The robotic gripper has received two “fingers” at the ends of which are placed soft pads are designed for the manipulation of such objects as cables, sheets and more. These pads are equipped with built-in sensors that allow real-time tracking of the location of the object. The result is a robotic hand able not to lose control of the management objects.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the robot inserted the cable into the headphone port on the other device. According to the researchers, in addition to monitoring sensors to inform the robot about what effort is required to influence the subject. This allows the grip to change position and grip depending on those or other conditions – just as it does people. Experts point out that teaching a robot to hold and grip things, they will bring the development of more sophisticated technologies. It can be folding fabric, tying knots and even the stitching of wounds during operations.

It is expected that the first commercial application of robotic gripper will find in the automotive industry, where it is necessary to lay miles of cables. Process automation not only allows companies to save money, but will increase the speed of production of cars by crossing the variable heavy manual labor.

Робота научили распутывать кабели и шнурки [ВИДЕО]