Robotic dog running around the Ford plant (VIDEO)

Роботы-собаки бегают по заводу Ford (ВИДЕО)

American auto giant Ford bought a pair of robots Spot the company Boston Dynamics in order to help create a three-dimensional map of the transmission plant.

Every “dog” has put five cameras. They give an overview of 360 degrees. Robots walk the plant at the speed of almost 5 km/h, are able to overcome steps or crawl under low obstacles. A single charge of the battery lasts for two hours.

These robots took Ford to the words of the Manager of digital engineering mark Goderis, to understand how exactly it looks factory. On the basis of the data collected will be the engineering model of the enterprise, which is then used in the development of the program of modernization and re-equipment.

For these purposes it would be possible to take a standard 3D camera on the tripod, but then the process would have taken twice as long – two weeks. And it would cost 300,000 dollars more.

On the website of the developer of the robot dog Spot in the base 74 is $ 500. “Dog” can be used in various fields: construction, manufacturing, entertainment, research, observations.