Robotic gliders new generation cannot fail to impress

Робототехнические планеры нового поколения не могут не удивлять

Researchers from the University of California in San Diego have created a robotic gliders that can soar almost exactly the same as the real eagle that was rather difficult to do using traditional methods of construction robotics. Using a special form of artificial intelligence, the experts were able to teach the gliders to fly, to extract the greatest benefit from the use of warm air streams. Preliminary tests conducted by experts showed that this artificial intelligence allows the gliders to reach the height of 700 meters and above. However, experts still spend a lot of time on improving the inner workings of the AI.

Early attempts to create a robot that could fly and soar like a bird, was defeated, as the experts turned to a rather limited set of tools and technologies. However, this time they were able to qualitatively raise the bar on this type of development, referring to the newly created model of artificial intelligence with the possibility of effective learning. This artificial intelligence was smoooches not only by their own attempts to use heat flows, but also due to the observation of birds in real time.

Birds so rapidly and efficiently to soar for the reason that they are able to calculate the exact and most efficient route, depending on the vertical wind speed and other factors what you could achieve and presented by artificial intelligence. Scientists in particular have relied on the development of machine learning algorithms to analyze and deconstruct the behavioural physiology of birds, due to which AI was able to learn quickly enough.

The result of this research and machine learning has become a real opportunity to use robotic glider for the flight, using thermal air currents – it should be noted that the wingspan of the robot will be as much as two meters. This study demonstrates that even with the limited supply of modern technologies of this type, it is possible to build a similar efficiency project.

Робототехнические планеры нового поколения не могут не удивлять

Робототехнические планеры нового поколения не могут не удивлять

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