Robotic police program to measure happiness, and hacking the iPhone through SMS-ku: TOP news stories of the day

Роботы-полицейские, программа для измерения счастья и взлом iPhone через смс-ку: ТОП новостей дня

In today’s world we could miss a lot only because it too is being actively developed. News is created every hour and every minute.

But you are lucky because all the fun that you might miss today, we will show in the TOP news stories of the day from the Tech Informer.

In China there was a robotic police

Created in China and has launched a robot police officers. It is reported Nextshark. Yet three of them. They are equipped with artificial intelligence and technology of facial recognition. the City authorities plan to the end of the year to increase their number to 20. Each of the three robots plays a role. One of them patrol the streets. It is able to recognize numbers of cars and take pictures. In addition, it gives the pedestrians to violate traffic rules. A second robot is working on the ground accident. It helps to maintain order at the scene waiting for the arrival of the police. The third works as a police informant. At its disposal a database. This robot is able to determine if a person wanted.

Zelensky promised 5G in Ukraine

At a press conference in Turkey President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has promised to begin work on the introduction of 5G in our country. He said that mobile operators will participate in the development in Ukraine technology of the 5G standards. “Of course, it will take a few years, but the preparation we have already begun”, – assured the President. But earlier we published the study, which is clearly given to understand that for at least the next 5 years the Ukrainians will not be able to experience the speed of 5G.

In the UAE there was a program to measure happiness

Company AI Directions have developed a program through which artificial intelligence can measure happiness. It is reported by Euronews. This technology uses any camera, for example, on a laptop. The software first detects your face, and then muscle. The technology analyzes their motion using 64 frames per second, and defines one of the 7 emotions. “Measuring happiness” is one of the first strategic initiatives of Dubai in the framework of the “Smart city”. This is the first software in the world, measuring well-being. Currently the program is running in more than 40 government departments and has already raised more than two million voters since its launch. Today, the average level of happiness in the city is 89%. The goal for 2021 is to achieve 95% in the hope that happiness will continue to have a positive impact on business and the economy!”

Hacking the iPhone through SMS-ku: myth or reality

The Google Project Zero researcher Natalia Silvanovich at the conference Black Hat talked about the possibilities of hacking the iPhone via built-in instant messenger iMessage. In the course of studying of algorithm of work of the service team Natalia Silvanovich has found a way to get user data by sending only one message. A specially crafted text is sent to the subscriber, the server iMessage sees it as a system command, and then sending the requested data back to the attacking side. In this case the recipient does not even need to open the app. Several other vulnerabilities of the service allow you to integrate malicious code in system and, again, by sending only one notice via iMessage. The developer said he was looking for a similar problem in Android, but to detect them failed.

Amazon is suspected of violation of children’s rights

Factories producing devices for Amazon, employs hundreds of Chinese students. It is reported that children often work nights and overtime, in flagrant violation of the rights of minors. Some of these students worked at the plant for more than two months, when the company experienced a production peak. Only the production of speakers involved more than 1 thousand teenagers at the age from 16 to 18 years. “We have strengthened supervision of the internship programme with each school partner to, under any circumstances, trainees were not allowed to work overtime or at night. In the past there were cases when weak supervision by local authorities has allowed to happen like that, and although these interns were paid an additional salary for the additional shift, this is unacceptable. We have taken steps to ensure this does not happen again,” reads the official statement from Foxconn (the manufacturer Amazon equipment). “Our shift was at night, from eight at night until eight in the morning. Week supposed just one day off,” said one of the victims.

Also today was the news that a Telegram has updated and introduced new features. More details read our material. There was also information about the rendering of the iPad new generation, which appeared in the network. The most notable feature of the device – multi-modular camera.

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