Robotic puppies comfort of patients with senile dementia

Роботы-щенки утешают пациентов со старческим слабоумием

The emotional state of this kind of patients is of paramount importance in caring for them. The company from Los Angeles has demonstrated that its products can have a positive impact on patients.

In California work is continuing on a puppy robot that can be your best friend patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Observations have shown that this kind of gadget provides them with emotional empathy. Robot puppy responds to the touch of human hand movements, which are very similar to the real motion of live dogs. Yet engineers have created a robotic version of Golden Labrador for nursing home residents in one of the California towns.

The product has a great realism in terms of their movements. Engineers have set a goal that the puppy not only looked like a dog, but behaved accordingly. In particular, he can move his head from side to side, bend over, waving his tail, to make other movements that will be positively received by people with senile dementia.

The use of robot, not a live dog in this respect is crucial. The fact that senile dementia in a person having problems with memory. He often simply forgets to feed real animals, which pet can starve to death. The robot does not need to feed, and care much more simplified.