Robots Boston Dynamics had a budget competitor – video

У робопса Boston Dynamics появился бюджетный конкурент – видео

У робопса Boston Dynamics появился бюджетный конкурент – видео

One of the main news of the week was the arrival of a robotic dog from Boston Dynamics Spot on sale. The mechanism advanced for the American company asks for considerable 74 $ 500. But progress does not stand still, and a team of engineers from the U.S. and Germany were able to create a much more affordable counterpart.

The creators of Solo 8 think that on the basis of their development, the other team will be able to create even more types of four-legged robots, says slashgear.

It looks like and what can Solo 8

Externally, the Solo 8, created by engineers at new York University (USA) and the Institute of intelligent systems im. Max Planck (Germany), has obvious similarities with the creation of Boston Dynamics. Of course, it looks like this robot is a bit easier and head had not, but in the abilities it is not inferior to the famous Spot, at least not in the acrobatics.

The video below shows how to Solo 8 to cope with obstacles, keeps the balance and even jumps. Moreover, if he turns back, it is enough just to turn the legs in the opposite direction to get up and keep moving. The weight of the mechanism is barely more than 2 pounds.

The video demonstrates the capabilities of the Solo 8:


The exact price of production of the Solo 8 is not disclosed, however, the majority of its components can be printed using a 3D printer. It is also important that the files itself are distributed under license open source. The robot design also involves the ease of reprogramming depending on the tasks.

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