Roma played a fighting draw with inter at home: video

"Рома" сыграла в боевую ничью с "Интером" в родных стенах: видео

"Рома" сыграла в боевую ничью с "Интером" в родных стенах: видео

July 19, Roma took inter in the match of the 34th round of Serie A. the Romans broke a tie with a rival at home.

Roma – Inter 2:2

Goals: Spinazzola. 45+2, Mkhitaryan, 57 De Wray, 19 Lukaku, 87

  • Before the match, “Roma” was located at the fifth position, but in the back of the team from Rome “breathe” a formidable Napoli and AC Milan. Therefore, the hosts in the match needed only a victory, reports 24 channel.
  • “Inter” took the third place. Before the match he had the same number of points with Atalanta Malinowski, who sensationally played out a 1-1 draw with Verona. The success of this meeting would be an opportunity to beat the team of Ukrainian and move into second place.

Hot time in Rome

Increasingly the match began, the owners. Spinazzola performed hinged transfer into the penalty area. Unfortunately for him, the defence easily coped with it, catching the ball.

Mancini got rid of guardianship in the penalty area, time jumped and struck his head from close range but the ball flew away from the rack.

15 minutes played rule: “you do Not score – you score”. Stefan De Vrij jumped above the defenders of the Roma in the goalmouth and following a corner, with a header sending the ball into the corner. The goalkeeper had no chance to react – 0:1.

Spinazzola again threatened the opposition goal. It is the skillful creation tried to find a partner in the penalty area, but the player reacted brilliantly and intercepted the ball.

Brozović had a chance to score from outside the goalie and shot into the bottom corner, but Pau Lopez gave crazy saves to prevent goals.

Good hinged transfer into the penalty area met all the same Spinazzola, but the ball is intercepted the opposition’s defence.

Roma were able to break to equalise. Spinazzola picked up the ball in the penalty area and beat the goalkeeper – 1:1.

The arbitrator has doubts about the purity of the goal, so I ran to see the replay. Turning to VAR, he did not cancel the goal. The team went with the score tied the game in the locker room.

Rescue from the penalty spot

Yang decided to attack the gate, but a threat to the goalkeeper he didn’t because he was blocked by one of defenders – the ball went out for a corner kick.

On 54 minutes, Lautaro Martinez scored a goal, but the linesman raised his flag – an offside position.

Three minutes passed and the Romans took the lead in the score. Mkhitaryan played the ball in the penalty area, sending the ball into the net in the exact center of the goal – 2:1.

One of the most active in the “Roma” Spinazzola has done a good hinged transfer into the penalty area, but the opposition player cleared the ball for a corner.

Eriksen free-kick – wall has done its job and blocked the shot.

Barella shot from outside the penalty area but the shot was also blocked.

Danilo D’ambrosio made a dangerous pass into the penalty area and tried to bring teammate to shock position, but his transmission was intercepted by one of the defenders.

In the 86th minute “inter” has earned 11-metre blow, a great opportunity to equalise. The ball went Lukaku and outplayed the goalkeeper – 2:2.

The referee’s final whistle fixed the score – 2:2.

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