Romania criticized for legal reform

Румынию критикуют за правовую реформу

After Hungary and Poland it was the turn of Romania to hear obvineneniya in violation of the General rules of the European Union. The Venice Commission for democracy through law (Council of Europe) said that the Bucharest law reform would significantly weaken the effectiveness of the judiciary in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

“Abuse is now punishable in Romania only in the case if you are doing this to gain money for yourself or your family, but not for the enrichment of your friends, – said the Executive Secretary of the Venice Commission Thomas Markert. – Therefore, if your actions benefit your wife, you will be punished, and if this is your mistress, don’t punish”.

The President of Romania stated in Strasbourg his vision for the future of Europe. Many MEPs questioned the commitment of this country to the fundamental principles. The liberal leader urged to revive the spirit of the liberation of the Romanian revolution for the may elections to the European Parliament:

“In 2019 will be fought for liberal democracy against attempts by some countries, unfortunately, mostly Eastern European, to go through illiberal autocracy – said guy Verhofstadt. – In 1989, Romania has to make an important contribution to the victory in this fight in 2019”.

Romania could face the withdrawal of voting rights in the Council of the EU, cuts in allocations from the General budget. But instead, the President of the European Commission Romanians were promised more freedom of movement:

“I would like to see Romania in Schengen until the end of the mandate of the European Commission, wrote to Jean-Claude Juncker on Twitter. To make this happen, I call for a national consensus in Romania about compliance with the rule of law and combating corruption “.

Brussels is particularly interested in maintaining good relations with Bucharest because in January of next year, Romania will take up the rotating post of the presidency of the EU.

Hungary makes fun of his critics

Financier George Soros, MEPs guy Verhofstadt and Judith Sargentini criticize the Hungarian government, which in response makes fun of them. Speaking to Euronews, the leader of the European people’s party Manfred Weber as a joke. to be in this “black list” for having opened a disciplinary procedure against Budapest. But it is hardly possible, since Prime Minister Viktor Orban is his party.

Bank ING called dirty

About thirty environmentalists staged a demonstration outside the headquarters of ING Bank in Brussels. They are called “toxic” investments in the production of palm oil, which, in their opinion, contributes to deforestation. A resident of Sierra Leone, told Euronews that the money ING allow the planters to deprive the local population of its land, and a violation of human rights.

Honoring whistleblowers of corruption

In the Strasbourg building of the European Parliament installed a portrait of Daphne Caruana Galicia, which was in Malta as an investigative journalist and was killed. She and Ana Garrido Ramos, expose a lot of abuses in the city hall of the Spanish city of Barcelona awarded the prestigious award of the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International. The ceremony of award took place in Copenhagen.

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