“Roscosmos” Samara rocket “Soyuz-5” will fly into space in 2022

Environmentally friendly carrier rocket of the middle class, created on the basis of the Soviet camera “Zenit” would be able to bring in low-earth orbit of up to 17 tons of payload.

«Роскосмос»: Самарская ракета «Союз-5» полетит в космос в 2022 году

CEO Dmitry Rogozin said that Roscosmos together with Kazakhstan participate in the project “Baiterek” on the reconstruction of the rocket “Soyuz-5”. Kazakhstan is making a huge financial contribution to the modernization of the launch complex in Baikonur, while the Russian partners from the rocket-comic Corporation “Energia” completed the development of a rocket of the middle class.

Recently, the head of Roskosmos discussed with first Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan A. U. Mamin, the process of implementation of the joint project, and according to Rogozin, it will fly into space, probably in 2022. The factory “Soyuz-5”, made by Samara RCC “Progress”.

«Роскосмос»: Самарская ракета «Союз-5» полетит в космос в 2022 году

At the beginning of September in Samara, in Lenin Avenue in the first test run, the developers tested the illumination of the monument of the launch vehicle “Soyuz” Museum and exhibition center “Samara Space”, which was established in 2001 in Kozlov square in honor of the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space on the unit issued by the company TsSKB-Progress.

«Роскосмос»: Самарская ракета «Союз-5» полетит в космос в 2022 году

For a few moments, citizens can enjoy a stunning spectacle: the lights, including nearly fifty lamps with led lamps, rosy shimmered from the nozzle to the top of this R-7 rocket. Lights on 68-meter missile operates in three modes: daily, night and day, which in addition to light simulate a takeoff complemented by appropriate sounds.

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