“Roscosmos” will discuss with NASA and other space agencies plans for the development of the moon

«Роскосмос» обсудит с NASA и другими комическими агентствами планы по освоению Луны

According to the Russian news Agency TASS, on June 9, the scheduled online conference of heads of leading space agencies. Format video will be the Director General of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin and head of the aerospace Agency of the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan.

Information TASS gave one of the sources in the space industry. As noted by Russian news agencies, at the request of the head of NASA Jim Brandenstein (Jim Bridenstine) the parties, in particular, to discuss the question of country contributions to the development and implementation of the American lunar program “Artemis” (Artemis). In addition, there will be discussed issues of cooperation in the framework of the project of the International space station.

The head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, in turn, will talk about testing of new Russian modules for the earth station, as well as on progress in the development of manned spacecraft “eagle”.

Previously, NASA submitted a plan for exploration of the moon after 2024, as well as the basic principles on which to build the proposed international agreement on the exploitation of the satellite.

“The agreement of Artemis” (Artemis Accords) will represent the number of bilateral treaties between the United States and partner countries. Among these principles, NASA called including provisions for resource extraction on the moon and the idea of creating a so-called security zones, to prevent “harmful interference”. Interestingly, Russia in this agreement, the American side is not going to include.

Rogozin for this reason has said that Russia will not allow the privatization of the moon anyone. The development is already its own program of exploration and development of the satellite. To start its implementation is planned with launch unmanned robotic missions. After that, we plan to conduct a manned flight with landing on the moon. In the future, discussed the issue of construction on the South pole of the moon visited the Russian base.