“Rose and recorded the album” Son “Suge” knight said Tupac Shakur alive

«Воскрес и записывает альбом»: Сын «Шуга» Найта заявил, что Тупак Шакур жив

“Suge” knight, Jr. says that Tupac back in the Studio and record new music.

Dj knight, whose father is rapper Suge in prison, insisted that Tupac back in the Studio, despite the fact that in September 1996, the star was killed in a car shooting. In an interview DailyMailTV he said, “I’m definitely going to bring new music Tupac for you guys”. In a strange way “resurrected” musician, but the representative refused to tell the schedule of the release of the new album, but instead said, “I’m going as a business person. I’m a millennial Mogul”.

Famous dad “Suge” knight added fuel to the fire, hinting that Tupac would work with artists such as Cardi B. the Son of Suge knight is not the first time claims that Tupac Shakur is alive and that even he personally helps him to escape. There are also many other wild, unsubstantiated theories that the legendary rapper is alive and well, and is somewhere in Cuba. Probably such behavior of the guy is a side reaction to the recent court decision against his father.