Rose Sabitova showed how much thinner she and her daughter

Роза Сябитова показала, как сильно похудели она и ее дочь

In recent years the main Russian matchmaker rose Sabitova happy followers wonderful appearance. In February, she was 57 years old but she looks much younger than his age. The presenter is closely watching the food and uses the services of stylists and exercise regularly. Their positive transformations rose is showing off in your profile in Instagram.

She recently published a collage of two photographs together with his daughter Xenia before and after weight loss. “Because I was younger. Why my Xenia now look much better?”, – asks the rhetorical question Sabitova, clearly inviting compliments.

Subscribers responded to the post is ambiguous. Some of them supported the matchmaker: “there is No limit to perfection. Look great and modern!”, “The more weight, the more younger. I know for myself. Well done!”. But many users voted in the negative, noting that such a transformation is possible thanks to plastic surgeons and money: “the Whole secret plastic surgery” “Money work wonders! Got dressed, combed my hair and, of course, the plastic surgeon has done his business!” “The secret is in the plastic. Redrew itself and shot of Botox”.

Despite the positive changes in appearance, neither rose, nor her daughter has still not found a mate. At presenter too high requirements to the future spouse. Ksenia Sabitova (1992) was married to a lawyer Andrei Snetkov, but the marriage was unsuccessful and ended in divorce six months later. Matchmaker admitted to reporters that the wedding of the daughter cost her 15 million rubles, and for her sake she got into debt.