“Roskosmos” called the Crew Dragon Elon musk threat for astronauts

В "Роскосмосе" назвали Crew Dragon Илона Маска опасным для астронавтов

В "Роскосмосе" назвали Crew Dragon Илона Маска опасным для астронавтов

At the end of may the spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon took astronauts to the International space station. It was the first ever such flight with the use of private transport company. Despite the success of the first part of the mission, the “experts” of the Russian space Agency criticized the design of the ship and even called it a threat to the lives of the crew.

Wait for an adequate response and evaluation of “Roscosmos”, of course, hopeless. And yet the experts commented on technical aspects of the ship SpaceX, reports 24 channel.

What’s wrong with Crew Dragon according to “Roskosmos”

Russian experts believe that location is a huge liquid engines thrust propulsion system integrated emergency rescue system directly behind the wall of the cabin can be hazardous to the lives of the crew. They note that the location of several tons of toxic fuel components in the immediate vicinity of the crew were seriously threatens the lives of astronauts.

Naturally, “Roskosmos” remembered last year’s explosion of the test sample when testing engines that, according to experts, underscores the validity of their concerns. However, it seems to “Roskosmos” pretend that do not understand how to operate test test and preparation for flight.

What we liked Roskosmos

However, experts recognize a number of advantages of the American ship in the background of their “Union”. The advantages of carried the there is sufficient free space, as the Crew Dragon is designed for 7 astronauts. But since NASA has cut the crew to 4 people, the boat is pererastet. Was also marked by spacious modern interiors, large Windows and comfortable reclining chairs.

Recall that in April between the Mask and the head of “Roskosmos” Dmitry Rogozin was a small skirmish in Twiter, in which the parties have criticized each other.

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