Rostov stood out In an accident hit on the exam machines are two driving schools-competitors

Ростов отличился: В ДТП попали на экзамене машины двух автошкол-конкурентов

Thus, “young” drivers had an accident not even having rights. They will be led after the shock, remains a question.

In General, Rostov again excelled. In an accident while conducting the examination car were two schools competing.

The disciples went by Lada and Hyundai, belonging to different schools. This, of course, do it carefully in order not to violate traffic rules and become owners of cherished rights on their own “horses”.

Apparently, it wanted to prevent the owner of the white Volkswagen. It was he who was responsible for that accident, having rammed two training machines. His sudden “attack” are unable to prevent even being in the salons of the instructors.

The incident happened February 16 at the intersection with Zhukov, Eremenko.

It is noted that training machines at the time stood on the sidelines, and the German cars were flying with incredible speed. While there was no icon for “tea”.

However, his actions were just like that. He probably did not take into account the distance that was the cause of the accident.

A number of users of local social networks point out that motorists have repeatedly offered to install in the place of the traffic light, because cars there are beat regularly.

Others point out that students received invaluable experience. At the same time, not driving your car.