Rostov, stop, Give it failed to vandals destroying the beauty of the city in millions of rubles

Ростов, остановись: Дай отлуп вандалам, крушащим красу города на миллионы рублей

They are already hyped up not only in the suburbs but in the city centre. Total destruction is only the latest facts is more than 3 million rubles.

The administration decided to release the Rostov from vandals destroying the beauty of the city and bringing a million damage. Will they catch “the piece” with the help of surveillance cameras.

A massive attack of bad people subjected to a Large Garden. There are 148 shops. Completely destroyed 13 of them. More mock polls. Ceased to exist 66 of 193.

Villains are supposed to be catch by the piece, in order to discourage others were. The administration has already sent a corresponding statement to the security forces.

At the same time, officials are calling the whole Rostov not to remain indifferent. All this is done in the eyes of others. Frames enter the Network. They, of course, meet a familiar face.

Why cover the vandals who hate their own city? They give reason to say that everything is bad, destroying what is good and done for the benefit of citizens.

To restore ruined because you will also need the budget of the city. Three million spent earlier, could be spent much more effectively.

In local networks noted that it is unlikely that these actions were carried out according to secret instructions of the authorities themselves to “back cut”.

The rascals, they love their city and who do not wish him prosperity, living among us.

However, and throughout the country. That Putin, perhaps, each of them catch?