Rotaru was left without Russian money and got fat from idleness

Ротару осталась без российских денег и растолстела от безделья

Famous hytoryanka spends time in the garden.

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Sofia Rotaru can’t go on tour because of the pandemic coronavirus. The lack of jobs has hit the finances of the stars, earlier it became known that she had lost a fabulous sum. What is now engaged singer told concert Director Sergey Lavrov.

Artist isolated themselves in their home near Kiev and communicates only with the closest relatives – the son and grandchildren. Time Rotaru spends in the garden. According to Lavrov, she likes to grow vegetables and berries. Assistants it is not allowed. Of course, on country of work energy is much less than in the concerts, which influenced the slim figure of a star. Judging by the story concert Director, she gained weight because of enforced idleness.

“When she does not have concerts and filming, she is very quickly gaining weight”

– said Lavrov. It quotes “a Source”. However, there Rotaru, and another feature is the extra pounds she quickly resets.

Earlier, the son Rotaru Ruslan told worried fans, where did his star mother. As it turned out, the singer really captured the country case – because of the interruption, she spends a lot of time for hilling of beds.