Rotterdam+ will disappear from 1 July – danyluk

Роттердам+ исчезнет с 1 июля, - Данилюк

From 1 July the scheme earnings “Rotterdam+” will disappear, said the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr danylyuk. “Rotterdam+” is a method of formation of coal prices for electricity production in thermal power plants in Ukraine.

If this decision will come into force, all those who influence the implementation of the electricity market will have a number of risks, danyluk said at the briefing. To reduce the negative effect on the Ukrainians and the country’s economy, they must work around the clock and responsibility.

The NSDC Secretary stressed that in case of postponement of the law on electricity market, to be held the meeting with the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and the issue should be a priority.

Watch the video briefing danyluk:

On July 1, the planned launch of the law “On electricity market” which approved in 2017. The law should introduce a new model of the electricity market: the market of bilateral contracts, the market “day ahead”, vnutrimatocny market, balancing market and ancillary services market.

On 24 may, the EU delegation and the EBRD recommended to postpone the introduction of the new electricity market, however, the Ukrainian Parliament failed the consideration of the bill postponement.

What is “Rotterdam+”?It is introduced in 2016 methods of formation of coal prices for electricity production of thermal power plants in Ukraine. Methods were due to the loss of Ukraine’s control of Donetsk coal basin because of the war. Almost all of mine with anthracite coal, which operates the majority of thermal power plants of Ukraine, after the occupation of the Donbass were in uncontrolled territory.

Therefore, in order to ensure the energy independence of Ukraine from the occupied territories, decided to buy fuel on the international exchange in the Netherlands. There delivering coal from Africa and America.

However, the monthly formula collects excess billion hryvnia. Yes, the actual overpayment for the first 2.5 years of action formula “Rotterdam+” amounted to nearly 35 billion hryvnia.