Roughly a hockey skate blade hit the opponent in the chest: a video of a creepy episode

In the match of NHL between “Tampa Bay” and “Edmonton” there was a terrible episode – the defender Zach Kassian struck by the skate blade of an opponent in the chest.

It all happened at the end of the first period. Cassian attacked rival Eric Chernak under the Board. After that, both players were on the ice, and under them another player “Edmonton” Josh Archibald.

At a time when Chernak tried to rise to continue the attack of his team, Cassian struck by the skate blade in his chest.

Video shot Cassiana in the chest opponent’s skate blade (warning 18+)

The most surprising thing in this situation is the fact that the referees did not punish Cassiana for this brutal blow. Although he now faces disqualification. For a similar impact in 2012, the NHL was disqualified by Jeff Skinner for two games.

Kassian at the time was disqualified. In 2013, he struck a stick in the face of Sam Gagne. It was during the preseason games. Cesana disqualified until the end of pre-season games and five matches of the regular NHL season. the end of the preseason and five official matches.

And in this season Cassian snatched with fists on the brad Tkacuka during a match against “calgary”. For this fight he received a two-match suspension and a 21 thousand dollar fine.