Routine vaccinations: these new contraindications

Плановые прививки: названы новые противопоказания

With 10 December in Ukraine came into force new contraindications to vaccination. It is stated in the public health Center.

Taking into account the international recommendations, all the medical contraindications are divided into groups: absolute contraindications to vaccination and precautions regarding vaccination.

Absolute contraindications are: acute respiratory infections with fever above 38 degrees, severe immunosuppression/immunodeficiency, pregnancy (for the introduction of live vaccines) and a history of anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of the vaccine.

Vaccination should not be delayed if:

  • allergies to household allergens;
  • Allergy to allergens of plant origin;
  • allergies family history; conducting allergenspecific immunotherapy;
  • Allergy to antibacterial drugs that are used routine.