Rowling began to publish a new book about Harry Potter

Джоан Роулинг начала публиковать в интернете новую книгу не о Гарри Поттере

“Icebag” will be free to be printed in parts on the website of the writer every day.

British author JK Rowling has announced the publication of a new tale for children, which will be free to be printed in parts on its website every day.

“Icebag” (The Ickabog) – the first fairy tale writer, which is not connected with the world of Harry Potter, reports the BBC.

In fact, the book was written for her own children more than 10 years ago, and now the writer decided to publish it.

Rowling said that she wanted to publish it in 2007, but after the last part of “Harry Potter” changed your mind. So the manuscript of the book was in a box in the attic where they spent the last decade.

A few weeks ago, Rowling was reminded of this story. She edited the text and decided to publish it online.

“Anyway, over the past few weeks I rewrote a bit and I decided to publish “Icebag” for free on the Internet, so the children locked up at home, or even those who have already returned to school in this strange, unsettling time, can read or listen as I read them. You will not need to register to get access to the history. You can read it on the new web site which we will soon launch it,” she said.

The writer appealed to young readers and their parents with an offer to illustrate this story. Best Amateur illustration, according to Rowling, will be in the print edition of the book, which is scheduled for November 2020.

Rowling did not specify the details of the plot of the story, but said that it was “a story of truth and abuse of authority”. The action of the tale takes place in a fictional universe that is not associated with Harry Potter and magic.

The first two chapters “Icebag” is already available to read in English on the website of the writer.