Rozenko said, when Ukrainians to wait for the next increase of pensions

Розенко рассказал, когда украинцам ждать очередного повышения пенсий

Pavlo Rozenko told, communicating with journalists of several media on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada, when Ukrainians to wait for the next increase of pensions. According to the Vice Premier, the next revision of the amount of pension payments to be held in March next year, reports

Pavlo Rozenko reported, when Ukrainians will once again recalculate pensions. In particular, the Deputy Prime Minister explained that following the updating of pension payments scheduled for March next year. Rozenko stressed that while the Ukrainian government is working on the basis of the state budget that was previously approved in accordance with applicable law. Therefore, from 1 July, there was an increase of pensions directly related to the increase of the subsistence minimum.

Thus at the end of the year is scheduled and the increasing cost of living – it will happen on 1 December. Accordingly, it will be revised and the minimum pension. All this is clearly spelled out in the state budget. New cost of living index will be taken into account when budgeting for next year. Accordingly, recalculation of pensions will take place in March 2020. See also: the Expert explained how the launch of the land market will have an impact on the value of its lease.