Rozhkova about the excessive cost of Bank deposits refinance under: “it is Difficult to say”

Рожкова о завышенной стоимости банковских залогов под рефинанс: "Трудно утверждать"

In the pre-crisis period were the other asset prices, so it is difficult to argue that the value of collateral for refinancing loans received by banks, significantly overstated.

This was stated by first Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Ekaterina Rozhkova in an interview with Liga.Finance.

“NBU in many cases have taken a pledge issued to refinance long before the arrival of the team (Valeria – ed.) Gontareva, and it was pre-crisis period with other asset prices. Everyone knows that during a crisis the price of assets falls. Therefore, it is often difficult to say that the value of the assets significantly overstated. Today, if you compare asset prices with the prices pre-crisis period, you will see a serious incompatibility,” said Rozhkov.

She added that in the summer of 2014, when the NBU team came Gontareva, the amount of refinance already issued amounted to 112 billion.

“Just at this moment the war began and a flight of investors. Our task was to stem panic the smallest amounts issued to refinance. Thus, it was not “mindlessly”: the national Bank revised the terms of the issuance: the following loans were granted only on condition of introduction to the Bank supervisor and earmarking money for payments to depositors of up to 200 000 UAH. Also ordered the owners of the banks to give personal guarantee for the repayment of loans,” – said the first Deputy Chairman of the NBU.

Answering the question about his first reaction to the news about the arrest of the former Deputy Chairman of the NBU Oleksandr Pisaruk, Rozhkov replied, “something between indignation and resentment”.

“First, I’m absolutely sure about the Fiddler, he couldn’t have done what he is suspected. Secondly, I have no doubt in our procedures: NBU brand, all built on collegial solutions. The sole influence on the processes there, and in 2014 also was not” – said the first Deputy Chairman of the NBU.

As reported, on 11-12 November on suspicion of misappropriation of the stabilization loan, it was reported 8 persons, among them current and former officials of the national Bank “VAB Bank” and a number of private companies associated with the owners of “VAB Bank”. In case of figures, the head of the Board “Raiffeisen Bank” Alexander Pisaruk, who till 2015 he held the position of Deputy Chairman of the national Bank.

In the NEB announced that in October 2014 “VAB Bank” is classified as problem banks, appealed to the NBU with a request to provide him with a stabilization loan secured by real estate. Despite the fact that the Bank has not provided all the required documents, the Board of the national Bank gave its consent to his offer. The value of the property that was transferred as collateral to the national Bank, was overestimated by almost 25 times.

November 15, the Highest anti-corruption court chose to Pisaruk a measure of restraint in the form of a bail of 5 million UAH. Raiffeisen Bank Aval, in which Pisaruk now holds the position of Chairman of the Board, made bail.