RRG accused the 8 members vkks abuse of power

ГБР обвинило 8 членов ВККС в превышении полномочий

The territorial office of the State Bureau of investigation (RRT) in Kiev began a preliminary investigation into possible unauthorized assignment of powers of 8 members of the High qualifications Commission of judges (vkks). Relevant information is included in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations (ERDR), and criminal proceedings rated No. 62019100000000474.

About it reported the Internet-the edition “Law and Business”.

According to the text of an extract from EGR, which is available in the editorial office, the criminal proceedings initiated under part 1 of article 353 (unauthorized appropriation of authority or official title) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

According to the stated circumstances that may indicate the Commission of a criminal offence, the CCG Chairman Sergii Koziakov, Deputy Chairman – Chairman of the qualification chamber of Stanislav Soda, Secretary of the chamber of qualification Valentina Ustimenko, Secretary of the chamber on the selection and the public service of the judges of Michael Makarchuk and members Tatiana Veselska, Anastasya Zaritskaya, Nikolay Mishin and Yury Titov, in violation of the law of Ukraine “On judicial system and status of judges” without the authority of the members of the CCG in connection with their termination participate in the meetings of the CCG as members.

In particular, they participate in voting on decisions, and participate in the qualification of judges, their transfer to other courts, participation in the selection of new judges.

Recall “Law and Business” has analyzed the problem of calculating the terms of office of members of the CCG taking into account the interpretation of the transitional provisions of the relevant law in the article “the Update will start from the head.”