RRT prepares Poroshenko suspicion for the purpose Semochko

ГБР готовит Порошенко подозрение за назначение Семочко

Pipe hopes to collect materials dismissal.

The state Bureau of investigation is preparing the former President, Petro Poroshenko, another project suspicion. It concerns the appointment of the President first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service Sergei Semochko.

This Tube said on Thursday at a meeting with journalists, the correspondent of LB.ua.

“We are almost at the stage of completion of the project, the suspicions concerning the illegal appointment of ex-President Semochko. Now there are seizure and interrogations. If dredging will be completed by the time of my dismissal, then we will transmit to the Prosecutor,” said Pipe.

At the same time, he recognized the high probability that the RRT case against Poroshenko will be stopped after his dismissal. “It is confirmed if the acting will be assigned to employees of the attorney General,” said Pipe.

Recall that in July 2018, Sergei Semochko, who held the position of chief of the Kiev SBU was appointed Poroshenko, first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service.

In early October of 2018 came out journalistic investigation Bihus.info about Semochko. It said that in the years 2015-2017, during the war, family Semochko without having any major legal income, bought a mansion in one of the most expensive suburban settlements – the village of Kozin near Kiev – worth several million dollars.

Also in the investigation said that the family of Ukrainian intelligence and counterintelligence Semochko listed in the databases of taxpayers of the Russian Federation.

Subsequently, kontrrazvedka SBU has confirmed the presence of Russian citizenship his wife Semochko.

In April 2019 Poroshenko dismissed Semochko.