RRT temporarily stop the investigation of the Affairs of the Maidan due to the lack of investigators – Pipe

ГБР временно прекратит расследование дел по Майдана из-за нехватки следователей, - Труба

Due to the large load on the GBR, the investigation of crimes related to the massive protests in 2013-2014 on Maidan temporarily suspended.

This was announced by the head of the State Bureau of investigation, the novel Pipe-in “the Ukrainian truth”.

He explains that since November 20, all cases previously investigated by the Prosecutor’s office, will go to other law enforcement agencies, including the GBR. But in the last “sorely lacking of investigators.”

The problem is that the Law of Ukraine “On the State Bureau of investigation” limits the number of employees who can work in GBR – 1,500 people throughout Ukraine together with investigators, operatives, and public servants,

– he wrote.

So now on one investigator for more than 100 productions: crimes of the officials, law enforcement officers, judges, war crimes and other things.

“To investigate the Affairs of the Maidan will be a separate division, but to form it only from existing investigative means to significantly slow the investigation in other industries”? said the head of the RRG.

Therefore, the Pipe offers the MPs to quickly make changes to the law on the GBR. In particular, to abolish restrictions on the number of employees of the Department. It also proposes to introduce a simplified insolvency procedure for investigators of the GPU, investigating the “case of Maidan”.

Investigation of Maidan: at a glance

  • October 23, the public Prosecutor Ruslan riaboshapka signed the order on his dismissal;
  • Gorbatyuk Department was investigating the Affairs of the Maidan;
  • On 21 October, the GPU was created, the Department of the procedural management in criminal proceedings on crimes committed during the revolution of Dignity of 2013-2014.
  • and the crimes of the Maidan will now investigate the State Bureau of investigation, the activities which will be looked after by the newly created Department of the Prosecutor General’s office;
  • after his release Mr. Yan said that the investigation into the Maidan suspended in the GPU, for its part, the investigation and ensuring the inevitability of punishment in cases of Maidan is a priority.
  • 19 February 2019 on the eve of the anniversary of the shootings in downtown Kiev, the monitoring mission of the UN on human rights in Ukraine, stated that during 5 years after the protests on the Maidan achieved only limited progress in the investigation of murders and violent deaths of 98 people.

What is known about the Affairs of the Maidan?All crimes committed during the Dignity Revolution, conventionally combined into one large “case of Maidan”, consisting of 89 criminal proceedings. They, in particular, investigate the murder of 91 persons (78 protesters and 13 security forces).

Svyatoshinsky regional court of Kiev considers the case against the ex-fighters of “Berkut” Sergey Zinchenko and Paul Abroskin, Alexander marinchenko, Sergei and Oleg Temtory Janiszewski. They are accused of mass executions of people on Maidan on 20 February 2014.

As of February 2018 the investigation revealed 48 cases of killings and 80 the facts of the attempted murder of people on February 20, 2014 in the center of Kiev. 15 January 2019, the court has started interrogations of witnesses for the prosecution.