Rudkovskaya showed family business with Plushenko video

Рудковская показала семейные разборки с Плющенко - видео

The athlete demanded from the wife, so that she finally took up farming.

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TV presenter Yana Rudkovskaya exposed to the public, as it chastises returned home after sports fees figure skater Evgeni Plushenko.

Plushenko demanded that Rudkovskaya has ceased to walk on all kinds of fitness, the Solarium, Spa and beauty salons, and took up farming – cleaning the house, washing the dishes, and “grub made it myself”.

“And then took the fashion – y restarane they order!” shouted the famous roller skater.

However, the quarrel between the spouses was fake – they filmed the video in a humorous purposes.

Previously, Yana Rudkovskaya exposed for everyone to see a fight with her mother. Women are unable to find common ground on the issue of the education of the heir to Plushenko and Rudkovskaya Alexander.