Rumor: a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch will be released before April 2020

Слух: уменьшенная версия Nintendo Switch выйдет до апреля 2020 года

Sale Switch behind past predictions Nintendo. According to rumors, continue to expand the audience of the company is going with the new version of the hybrid console. This was reported today by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

The proposed revision of the Switch will be a cheaper and smaller version of the console that thinks for the best experience in portable mode. Nintendo is going to reduce the capabilities of the console, in order to reduce its price tag to attract more buyers.

According to Nikkei, the very Nintendo refused to comment on the issue. The Japanese company allegedly shared these plans with multiple vendors and software companies, saying that he was going to release an updated hybrid console in 2019 fiscal year from April 2019 to March 2020.

In addition, according to the Nikkei, Nintendo is preparing a new service for gamers and enthusiasts. Any details about this edition does not have.