Rumor: Apex Legends can appear NPC, night mode and not only

Слух: в Apex Legends могут появиться NPC, ночной режим и не только

The leaks gradually become more commonplace for Apex Legends – last month, enthusiasts have been uncovered in the game files mention 10 unknown legends, “recruitment” and other interesting. They stopped and poured some more interesting information.

Importantly, as reported by the author of the leaks on my theme page in the “Twitter” – in a shooter can appear NPC. We know that they know how to use weapons and melee, and in certain cases, friendly or hostile to players. It is unclear if it will include an NPC in the main game, will be part of the training or maybe will be associated with the new regime. Among the names of the characters meet Goliath, Spider, Prowler, and others.

In addition, in the latest “excavations” found references to night mode, which, apparently, will change the time of day. In addition, there is also something called Community Happy Time users in the comments suggest that this transcends from Titanfall 2 event, which over time increases the resulting experience.

Of the less important details – Arsenal shooter may soon be replenished at least two new guns: the flamethrower and the remotely controlled turret. Now it is unclear whether these weapons shared or trunks will be new heroes.

The author of the theft was not spared and the combat pass. Looks like skip will be two versions – free and paid, called Diamond Level. Also, it will probably take a separate page in the menu will include a bonus, and cosmetic items will bring at least skins. Other details can try to parse the tweets below.