Rumor: The Last of Us Part II starts in October 2019

Слух: The Last of Us Part II стартует в октябре 2019-го

The official announcement of The Last of Us Part II took place in December of 2016, but we still don’t know the release date. Perhaps the secret was given LawGamers, the trade network of Peru: the company indicated that the game will be released in October 2019.

Poster from LawGamers looks pretty handicraft, looms a stub instead of the real cover, but because like fake. But to date there’s some circumstantial evidence.

First, last week Sony held an event Destination PlayStation. It is designed for representatives of trade networks, the information is protected by strict nondisclosure agreements. Judging by the photos, was there, and The Last of Us Part II. There is a chance that LawGamers (or close to the store people) learned the release date it at Destination PlayStation.

Photo from the opening day Destination PlayStation 2019.

Second, it is assumed that the games that was showcased at Destination PlayStation will be released before the end of the first quarter of 2020. At Sony now there is no publicly announced release in the autumn of 2019 – the hottest sales period of the year. And if The Last of Us Part II will indeed be released in the next 12 months, then Sony will want to stick their exclusives with the greatest commercial potential in the harvest season.

Third, a former employee of IGN and current producer Rooster Teeth by Alan pierce (Alanah Pearce) in his Twitter said that Part II should be out in 2019. Then the girl said, employees of the gaming media can be difficult to remember what they can say and what is not, and has removed the messages. But the Internet never forgets.

Слух: The Last of Us Part II стартует в октябре 2019-го