Run from such “experts”: seven phrases incompetent doctor

Бегите от таких "спецов": семь фраз некомпетентного врача

About the level of expertise of the physician demonstrates not only his education, but also prescribed medicines and the words he says patients.

The doctor Edzard Ernst called phrases, after which you need to change the doctor.

1. “You need to treat the underlying cause of the disease”

If your doctor is convinced that the true cause of disease known only to the initiated, the doctors, run from him. Of course, the reason for this will be somewhere in the region of subtle matter, dealing with it will be possible only with the help of appropriate medicines and devices.

2. “Natural is healthy”

Alternative medicine proponents often say that they use the forces of nature or resist disease naturally. This chemical substance is harmful.

3. “Life energy, the energy-information influence, information field”

All this does not exist. They are impossible to identify, examine, describe, reproduce and even more to use for therapeutic purposes. Ultrasound can. X-rays too.

4. “Not everyone can understand”

This phrase is sometimes out of hand and scientific medical doctors, sometimes with undisguised arrogance. But rather that we hear from the supporters of alternative medicine. For homeopathy do not need knowledge, we need faith. Homeopathy does not relate to evidence-based medicine.

5. “You fell down the immune system, it is necessary to raise”

Immunity does not decrease with SARS, intestinal infections, worms, teething, atopic dermatitis, vaccination. HIV gives long lasting immune deficiency, and measles is a temporary immune deficiency.

6. “Pharmaceutical companies are not profitable, they conceal this information,”

In fact, pharmaceutical companies don’t have any secret recipes of medicines and drugs from all they do not hide. For himself and for the elite rich people do not hoard.

7. “Even a Nobel prize winner (academician, Professor) speaks in support of this idea, methods, or drugs”

Classic appeal to authority. But you are not obliged to believe him. You should always verify the information. Even Nobel laureates can be wrong.