Rural children are much smarter city

Сельские дети гораздо умнее городских

Scientists said that children who were born in the village, have a much better intellectual abilitythan those who were born in the city. Writes referring to “channel 24”.

In particular, the study of this fact the employees have worked at the University of California. They conducted an experiment, to participate in which has attracted more than a thousand children born in quite different localities. Study participants were a test to determine IQ level. Comparing the results obtained with the place of birth of the children, the experts came to the conclusion that babies born in the village, indeed much smarter than their urban peers. Scientists believe that this trend stems from the fact the conditions in which the mother was carrying the baby. As you know, the level of air pollution in the city is much higher than in rural areas. Particularly harmful to child’s body particles called PM10. Penetrating into the body of the mother, they negatively tell on the state of the fetus. This can cause inflammation of the placenta. Consequently, the body of a baby full stops to get enough nutrients and oxygen.

To reduce the negative impact of polluted air on the body of the child, the expectant mother is required to monitor their own diet. So, for example, it is necessary to include foods rich in folic acid. We are talking about broccoli, legumes, spinach, asparagus, flax seed oil, and byproducts.