Rus: funeral of journalist

Руса: похороны журналистки

The funeral of 30-year-old journalist Victoria Marinova took place in her hometown of Rus in the North of Bulgaria. Administrative Director and host of the regional TV channel TVN was raped and murdered on 6 October. It was assumed that the murder could be related to the work of a journalist investigating the scandal surrounding the theft of Bulgaria dedicated to the development of European Union funds.

The police got on the trail of 21-year-old Severina Krasimirova, escaped to Germany where his mother lives. Examination proved that traces of his DNA was on the body Marinova.

This crime shocked Bulgaria.

“Such tragedies can happen anywhere, – says the inhabitant of Rus.- But the worst thing is that people are starting to live in fear when they learn that a man with such a perverted mind can easily wander somewhere here on the next street”.

Severin of Krasimirov was arrested in Germany at the request of the Bulgarian authorities and has already pleaded guilty, According to his mother, he said that at the moment of Commission of crime was drunk and remembers nothing. Krasimirov wanted to serve his sentence in Germany, out of fear that the homeland he could be killed. But the German government has already adopted a decision on extradition.

“It all started here. Last Saturday, just a week ago, Victoria Marinova fled here, on the banks of the Danube. The offender attacked her, raped and killed. He later fled to Romania via the bridge over there in Germany. He’s now awaiting extradition to Bulgaria , where it will be judged. He faces a life sentence,” reports of Rus Euronews correspondent Robert Chikani.

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