Ruslan Bortnik on the forum to nominate Vilkul: it was a forum of good old scale

Руслан Бортник о форуме по выдвижению Вилкула: это был форум старого доброго масштаба

With colleagues at the Forum for peace and development, which became the starting point for official election of the company A. Vilkul in the presidential election was visited by the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik

On his Facebook page, he noted that it was a Forum of “good old scale – 4-5 thousand people, excellent organization and moderation

In his view, the Program is filled with specific meanings and clear markers for the constitutional reform, all human powers to the regions, a drastic reduction of Parliament to 150 MPs, the reduction of tariffs in 2 times, clear tax model – “all 15”, minzp teachers and doctors – 11 thousand and payments on the birth of a child of up to 400 thousand – for which you can then ask – is good, the only instrument for the realization of this promise – victory in the presidential election – this is not enough.

“We have to think about the tools side, and in the context of the parliamentary elections, systematic approach to the unification of all “europacketcable” field – beyond the boundaries of the underlying regions. Well, as long as the margin between the candidates is minimal, a key role in shaping the final result can play the organizational capacity of the candidate teams, the availability of channels for communication with voters and recognizable brand. Moreover, in our “presidential Cup” may be more important to win the “white-blue League”, rather than the whole tournament.”