Ruslan Stefanchuk potential Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada: what is known about him

Руслан Стефанчук - потенциальный вице-спикер Верховной Рады: что о нем известно

In may, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has appointed Ruslan Stefanchuk his adviser and representative in the Verkhovna Rada. And after the victory of “public Servants” in the parliamentary elections Stefanchuk called one of the most likely candidates for the seat of Vice-speaker of Parliament.

Who is Ruslan Stefanchuk?

Ruslan Stefanchuk was born 29 October 1975 in Ternopil, in the family of medical students. Has two higher educations: in the specialty “jurisprudence” and “management production sphere”.

Stefanchuk – doctor of law, lawyer, Professor, corresponding member of National Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine, honored worker of science of Ukraine, ex-Deputy editor of the legal journal “law of Ukraine”.

Has experience in the political life of the country. He worked as an assistant to people’s Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” Anatoly Matviyenko, and Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv.

In 2011-2013, head of the Department of problems of development of national legislation to the legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

As Stepanchuk made the team Zelensky?

According to the lawyer, he met with the former leader of “95 Quarter” Vladimir Zelensky in his student years, when both played in the WHC.

18 April 2019, the then presidential candidate Zelensky named Ruslan Stefanchuk one of the key figures of his team, an expert on reforming state legal institutions and legislative drafting. He was also the ideologist of the program policy during the presidential race.

Prior to joining the team Zelensky, Stepanchuk engaged exclusively in scientific activities, working in Khmelnytskyi University of management and the National Academy of prosecution of Ukraine.

Declaration Stefanchuk: what has the representative Zelensky

For 2018 Ruslan Stefanchuk indicated almost 700 thousand of income:

– 231,8 thousand hryvnias – income from entrepreneurial activities;

– 198,6 thousand hryvnias – a salary at the main job in the public institution “national office of intellectual property”;

– 122,016 hryvnias – salary part-time at the Institute of legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;

– 39 870 UAH – insurance payments;

– 36 720 hryvnia – lifetime fee for the title of corresponding member of National Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine;

– 22 559 UAH – salary at Kharkiv national University named after Karazin;

– 11 730 hryvnias – salary part-time at the Kiev national University of Taras Shevchenko;

– 9 496 hryvnias – salary part-time at the Institute of state and law named after Koretsky of NAS of Ukraine;

– 3 295 UAH – salary part-time at the Kiev national economic University named after Vadym Hetman;

– 4 114 hryvnias – salary part-time at Kyiv University of law of NAS of Ukraine;

– 1 456. – the fee paid to the research Institute of private law and entrepreneurship named after academician F. G. Burchak national Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine.

Wife Stefanya Marina declared more than 70 thousand hryvnias of a salary and more than 42 thousand UAH of insurance payments.

Also, Advisor to the President Zelensky paid 22,8 thousand hryvnias of the credit “credit Agricole Bank”.

Real Estate Of Ruslan Stefanchuk:

Two apartments with an area of 47.6 and 93.4 square meters in Khmelnytskyi;

Land area of 5 000 square meters in the village Slobidka to Khmelnytsky;

A plot of land measuring 1 008 square metres in the village of bilohorodka of the Kyiv region (co-owner with his wife Marina Stepanchuk)

His wife Marina is the co-owner of the apartment of 49.8 square meters in the village Yarmolyntsi, Khmelnytsky region;

The family uses the apartment Stepanchuk 101,8 square meters in Kyiv.

Wife Stefanchuk also declared the jewelry, Stepanchuk works of art, and together they are owners of a library of scientific literature.

Goes novonaznachennyj representative Zelensky in Parliament on Renault Koleos 2012 issue 252,5 thousand grivnas, and the wife on Renault Captur 2015 issue worth 538,6 thousand hryvnias.

Family Stepanchikov holds cash of 22.7 million euros, 62.2 thousand dollars and 96 thousand hryvnias.

Руслан Стефанчук - потенциальный вице-спикер Верховной Рады: что о нем известно